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The Old State

Strategic. Marketing. Creative.

We are strategists, marketers, creatives, and developers that have made it our mission to elevate brands through a variety of strategic initiatives.

strategic design and marketing

Samsung Digital Strategy

Brand Strategy, Marketing and Digital for Samsung HVAC.

A digital course-correction for a luxury yacht charter brand.

B&Y Yachts Experience

Digital strategy and presence for an exclusive yacht charter company.

Strategic Web Design and Interactive Kiosk

Great Parks Digital Trailblazing

Digital strategy, Web Design & Kiosks for Cincinnati public parks system.

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The State of Your Brand is our Business.

Our multi-disciplinary team leverages strategic planning, extensive experience, and hardened processes to execute cohesive multi-channel deployment plans that provide your brand with an elite full-service experience. The Old State is the marriage of strategic marketing and renown creative deliverables that provide optimal growth potential for businesses of any size.

What we do
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Our clients aren’t badges of honor, they are the people we serve.

Our clientele come from every industry, every walk of life, and every corner of the globe. Our word is our bond, a day’s work is truly gratifying, and customers always come first. We don’t seek praise, awards or recognition. We seek growth, quantifiable return on investment and top-line growth for the people who trust us with their brand. 

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